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Floral resin Avery - Fairy Leaf Necklace

Floral resin Avery - Fairy Leaf Necklace

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Vein leaves or Skeleton leaves are elegant and intricate designs created by distilling a leaf down to its very essence. The resin is directly poured onto these vein leaves to preserve the structure forever without a rim.

They remind us of mythical sylphs, who are invisible fairies that roam the mysterious depths of the forest casting their air magic and leading travelers astray! And thus we named this delicate collectible Avery: the locket of the sylph!

Perfect for the mischievous, lovable fairies in your life. These fairy lockets are meant to belong in eclectic wardrobes. 

Made by carefully removing the leaf pigment without damaging the intricately laced veins and coated in Resin.

Product Specifications:
• Locket size - about 3.5 cm (length), 2 cm (breadth), chain length - 44 cm
• Magic infusion - Skeleton leaf
• Materials - Skeleton leaf, Resin

Product Care:

  • Avoid exposure to water, as it might cause discolouration to the metal part
  • The product comes packed in a 3*3-inch cotton cloth pouch and a gift box

P.S: Each piece is personally handcrafted making every piece unique and a tad different from the one represented in the photos as no two leaves or flowers look alike. Please also note that the locket doesn't have a rim and is not very thick as the resin was directly poured into the leaf. As this is very very intricate, you might see a few tiny bubbles which are a result of this being handmade

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