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Floral resin Capella Earrings

Floral resin Capella Earrings

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Capella, also known as Alpha Aurigae, is one of the brightest stars visible from Earth.

A binary star system composed of two giant stars, they visualize as a singular point when seen by the naked eye, but separate into two when viewed through a telescope. It is the sixth brightest in the night sky, and has historically been used for navigation by various cultures, including ancient sailors. This duo is reflected by the earring pair; mini constellations themselves, the inlaid Queen Anne's Lace blooms become the stars to the inky night sky backdrop.

This matched set is the perfect gift for the friend who always guides you, pointing you in the right direction with their nuanced takes on life's surprises.

These earrings can be worn like danglers, the charm placed lower with the chain in the front - the perfect setup for an off-shoulder top or cocktail dress. You can also place them higher with the charm pulled up, chain at the back - pair it with anything traditional like a kurti or saree.

Product Specifications:
Measurement: Hanging chain length is 9cm, circular bezel is 1.5 cm dia
Magic Infusion: Queen Anne's Lace flowers
Materials: Resin, pressed flowers, gold rim, golden alloy chain
Packaging: Comes in a cotton cloth pouch and a gift box

Product Care:
Avoid water and harsh weather exposure as it may cause discolouration of the metal alloy. Keep in the cloth pouch in a dry, airy place when not in use.

P.S: Please note that the flowers/seeds you might receive in your order might not be of the same shape or form like the images as each flower is different and unique. These images are for reference only.


Indian festivals have always been intricately tied with astrology; the skies, a guide to auspicious times. Flowers serve as decoration and offerings of devotion. Gold embodies the festive glow; forever a symbol of prosperity and positivity.

These central elements inspired a festive collection with a tiny constellation in every piece. Every flower is a twinkling star with its own story, encased in gold; traditional colours and shapes meet contemporary minimalism.

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